"What are you?"

“What are you?”

The lights fade away,
The curtains close in,
The props are out of place
The smeared paint on their faces,
Some are ugly others not.
The madman dances with his boots on,
The curtains re-open,
The lights reappear,
There is no key to the lock,
As the madman keeps dancing.
Silhouetted women holding their glass,(dont change this to glasses)
We see diamonds and rubies,dimes and roubles,
As the madman counts his nickels,
There is no lock,he lost the key.
The hyenas are laughing,the punks speed by,
When the adman tries to sell the world,
Grey wolves crouched in the jungle.
Three different worlds,
As the young boy struggles with his shoelace,
The yellow bus is on its way,steer clear,
Misplaced notebooks and the edgeless lead.
The pandora’s box is here,they que up in line,
Dressed up for the showdown,polished keys,
They reach out to his ear and ask him,
“What are you?”

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