A new year… and UG is getting older

Happy New Year to all the folks out there from all in the UG team…. its been six months almost since a group of us decided to start this blog for a college which is right now facing trying times… disappointment,triumph,fear,sadness,glory,victory,defeat,outrageous,plain downright dumb and the incredible… this year has had it all….

As we grow older, here is a solemn promise to make a UG a better blog with more to offer to its readers… dedicated to bringing all our readers the juiciest,strangest,simplest and ofcourse most entertaining material we can share with you…

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3 Responses to A new year… and UG is getting older

  1. happy new yr 2 all of the ug team…

  2. Chote says:

    ya sure Lerch…….“We solemnly swear that we r upto no good” 🙂bad joke i knowHappy New Year to the UG team and to our dear readers

  3. happy new year to readers and cheers for UG team..:)

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