This is the day I as a cricket fan was hoping will come sooner than later,and today every cricket fan in the world(lest be an aussie) will be overjoyed seeing the so called “Invincible Aussies” come crashing down to earth at the MCG.

South Africa took an unassailable 2-0 in a 3 match series.This is the first home series defeat for Australia in 16 years and trust me India would have done the same the last year when we could have won the Sydney test so easily (I am not being optimistic).But never mind,better late than never.

The quality of cricket SA have played this series is of the highest quality.First they came down a first innings deficit of 94 runs at Perth to chase down a mammoth 414 in the 4th innings,then they were tottering at 198-7 in the MCG test chasing 394 and then Dale Steyn and JP Duminy came up with a 180 run partnership for the 9th wicket to set up the match and the series for SA.
A special mention for SA’s catching……..its been breathtaking to say the least.

Well looking into the possible causes, Aus have never been the same force to reckon with after Mcgrath,Warne and Gilchrist left them.Since then taking 20 wickets against a qaulity opposition has been a headache for them.They struggled to get Bhajji and Zaheer out in the Bangalore test and now Steyn and Duminy.Also the stalwarts Hayden and Symonds have been on the decline.

The Australian media is not taking this too kindly,calling for the heads of Hayden,Symonds and Lee,as of me, I am loving it.

I just hope the rest of the world takes some inspiration from India and SA when they play the not so invincible Aussies again.
This is the video for the winning runs,please forgive the background music,its probably just an excited South African fan


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  1. i have to say i love the expression on ponting’s face whnvr he loses a match, be it against any opposition, it seems so fitting that a tall tower like australia shoul finally fall, it was getting weaker at the base,i dont thnk they will ever be able 2 fill the gap formd by mcgrath. warne and gilli.as far as ponting is concerned, i dont think he has got it in him to rebuild a champion team, he can continue to fly a plane in autopilot mode, but cannot steer back up if it suffers a fall, and this flight, is for sure taking a deep dive, wonder who can get it back……

  2. ohh man..i was waiting for this day from a long long time.I just hope that SA win last one also and Aussies lose their crown in ICC rankings..though if they don’t sooner or later team INDIA will take it from them.At MCG Ponting got taste of his own curry..and Aussies went DOWN UNDER.. .cheers to Smith’s boys..

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