GENRE: action, thriller

TEAM: aamir khan is paired against south superstar asin who makes her bollywood debut, a. murugadoss who directed the tamil version has also done the direction for the hindi version.
it has AR RAHMAN’s music which is making waves everywhere, jiah khan is in a cameo.pradeep rawat plays a very important role.
THE PLOT: its a story of a man who suffers from short term memory loss due to a head injury. he cannot remeber anything for more than 15 minutes and has to rely on photographs, notes and tattoos on his body to do his day to day acivities. and the only aim of his life is to find the man (ghajini)who is responsible for this injury and also for the murder of his wife. aamir(sanjay singhania) plays the lead while asin(kalpana) plays the role of the ever so bubbly girl next door, who is his love interest. jiah khan plays the role of the medical student(sunita) who takes extra interest in the case and tries to help our hero.
so the movie is basically about sanjay’s quest for ghajini,and the only clue he has is that name.
THE VERDICT: first things first, those of you who have seen memento, and go into the theatres expecting something similar, will come out disappointed. yes, the tattoos are same, the camera and the photos are same. the basic plot of the movie, that its a search for the villain is also the same, but there are slight deviations in the storyline which many of us might not like. memento was a brave script which might not have impressed the indian sensibilities while ghajini is a story which is written specifically for us, and no doubt it is doing well, since we all love to see the bad guy get a beating at the hands of the good guy towards the end. 
coming to the performances, aamir is as always the perfectionist, the look is already very popluar, but his look in the movie before getting injured is also very impressive where he plays a business tycoon who falls in love witha girl next door. but the best part about his acting here is the facial expressions which he delivers when he suddenly forgets everything or when slowly everything comes back to him. his is a perfect example of a great performance with minimum dialogues and optimun expressions.
ASIN i think is a star in the making, a great performance from aamir was expected but asin truly stands out for me as a revealation. she fits into the character very well and her chemistry with aamir is too good. the romance which the two of them have portrayed in the movie is very sweet and touches your heart very deeply.
JIAH KHAN has very less to do and she does well enough.
the action as well as the music have a south indian touch to it, in fact from whatever i have seen of the tamil ghajini, i dont think the screenplay has been changed at all. but who minds unless its as good a movie as it is. 
all in all a nice movie to go for this festive season, watch it atleast once, more if you are an aamir khan fan.
it gets a 3.5/5 and a thumbs up.
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