As i write this, somewhere in Mumbai are families which have been torn apart by the terror and madness which has consumed the city… the stats are still unclear and the number of deceased rising… The fear which has gripped the city is not unaccustomed to a Mumbaikar… but as i write these words, my heart weeps for those innocent lives who were lost in the madness which never ceases in this world…

Here i extend a memorial to all those who had their lives taken so unfairly.. and a salute to the brave souls who fought till the end to save the lives of the people of Mumbai, who in my opinion will bounce back no matter what anyone tries…

People reading this post are encouraged to leave their comments not in anger, but in memory of the Indian brothers and sisters whose lives were cruelly taken away from them

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9 Responses to Memorial

  1. dr.jackal says:

    to all the people – rest in peace.(no words sorry)

  2. Chote says:

    may their soul rest in peaceand may god give their relatives the strength to endure this. This is another one of those feeble and outrageous attempts at breaking the communal harmony and peace…..which no doubt like before will fail.

  3. Terror is a means to upset the established order… these men just want to see the whole world burn… and I am convinced that the citizens of Mumbai will not allow that to happen to their city… May the souls of the deceased rest in peace, and may god give their loved ones the strength to weather these rough times

  4. grv_i says:

    May their souls rest in peace,and hope this episode comes to an end as soon as possible…so that no more innocent lives are taken.

  5. kid says:

    Bad day for mumbai… yet another. May their souls rest in peace. Lot of politics hav been happening… if anything happens, people start blaming each other. We need a change, I duno hw, but we do… definitely… c’mon, the terrorists wer roaming freely with guns… it aint bombs this time, its a proper attack, hostages, gun battles n all… or maybe it has just begun… And lo..plz terrorism is not related to any religion… plz, dont call muslim or hindu terrorists… they are just terrorists, and need to be held…

  6. The well orchestrated blasts that went off in a span of less than 24 hours calls for a timely intervention to rectify the loopholes in our security apparatus.i pity those scores of people who were held up inside the hotels and were destined to this miserable fate.The vile intentions of terrorists claiming innocent lives has been permeating our country since aeons,and above all the situation remains still unresolved.In these kind of turbulent times whats important is the unity among the citizens and the confidence.The grave situation in the country is deteriorating with each passing day!!

  7. The attack is not only on Mumbaikars but it is aimed at whole of the humanity.But we the people of India stand united in these times of crises and we pray for all unfortunate who become part of this tragedy.How much faith there’sLet this be our prayerin my prayerwhen shadows fill our dayLead us to a place, guide us with your graceGive us faith so we’ll be safe.

  8. The terror attack on the Mumbaikars was to spread chaos and disrupt the communal harmony,but we the people of India will stand united and weather the crises and try to uproot the vile disease called “Terrorism”.May the souls of all the people who have lost their lives rest in peace and pray that god give their loved ones strength to overcome these tough times and the losses.

  9. may the souls of those who have died rest in peace and their families have the courage to go through these torrid times the soul aim of terrorism is to implant fear in the minds of people in general and the only way to fight it is by standing tall and having the courage,lets believe in ourselves, in our forces and not give the terrorists the signal that we are pushing the panic button.lets stand tall,united..

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