Race and Lou

Midnight… The wailing crescendos of the cop sirens disturbed Lou…Which &^%*#$@ had to go and have a heist during my damn siesta??? Lou: Oiii Race! Move your fat behind and get ready… Its time for action… A giant snore from his fat companion is the reply… Lou lets a kick loose… sending the bed right into the wall… and his friend a giant imprint …. Race: You could have woken me up more politely, Lou… You gotto control your urges. Lou: Oh Shut up and Hurry Up… you twat… Lets get some action…
Both soar out of their 4th floor window… following the wailing sirens…The neon sign reads “If you wanna live cheap, you’ve come to the right place – Century Old Apartments… Feel the difference” Our heroes are never going to enjoy their siesta… For the unlikely heroes are always called upon to defend the poor, uphold justice and make sure that the supply of beetroot always exists….(yes beetroot folks for Race’ sake)

Follow the next instalment of the new series.. Race and Lou

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