The Birthday Tamasha

Now the last time we saw G was him sweating… snapping at people caught unawares and cursing so much so as to attract raised eyebrows from passersby… Well the idiot had forgotten his girlfriend’s birthday…

After what seemed like a horrendous first half… kicked out of the first class for being unable to answer a simple question… asleep in the next two and endruring a verbal barrage from the Economics lecturer… G was having a ball i must say. However things were looking much better when Nisha showed up in front of the canteen where G thought he should take refuge… Guess G has never heard of the Indian custom that is lovingly heard and asked for by friends on a birthday… the magic word… TREAT

Nisha..”Hey! How you doing?” G starts sweating as if stuck in the middle of a minefield… one wrong word and he could blow up… A vein throbbed in Nisha’s temple… the girlfriend was NOT happy… after all what kind of a boyfriend forgets your birthday and stammers and sweats like a pig while wishing you… All of a sudden G goes…”Well Gotta Go…”

Now i wonder what people out there would think about the above scenario… but do remember you all are commenting on G here… The guy is now back in his hostel… frightened afraid and unable to decide what to do… the bloke has screwed up everything… or has he… G eyes his roomie’s wallet and notices crisp notes of 100 sticking out… Should he or should he not? His wallet had a huge hole and a probably a butterfly nestled in it….

G walks towards he wallet and pulls out 400 rupees… The roomie ain’t gonna bother… I am sure he will understand… if not atleast let me get murdered or hammered by him rather than her… G bunks second half and gets her the gift… It will be a mystery as to what he got her but from here on the story details get murky… G is seen a little later in the hostel with a huge grin on his face and a bit of red lipstick on his cheek… guess our friend G did give Nisha a perfect birthday present after all… But as he walks into his room, he finds an absolutely infuriated room-mate standing… waiting for answers

You wont believe the next words to come out of G’s mouth and i swear they were real…
“I don’t care what you do… I took your money and I am happy i did…(with those big dreamy eyes he stares out of his balcony) cause i gave my girlfriend the best gift possible…” People ofcourse rush into the room at this time… the gossip chain always travels faster than light itself…
Several friends gather.. mute spectators… waiting with bated breath…. Finally i asked.. “What did you give her?”
A long silence ensued… All pausing waiting for a reply…. G looked up and said …
“Well… i gave her “… Confused looks all around as we wondered what in the world was he on about… G’s next words will never be forgotten… “I bought her a nice locket and had a photo of us taken… its now a locket she wears around her neck… “

We all sat down stunned….Even the fat bloke living next to the toilet added his monstrous weight to the roomie’s bed… A loud creak in the silence we sat in… Guess we were all unlucky and frustrated blokes… the roomie’s face was no longer purple… but boy was he blushing… Looks like our friend G was madly in love and he was changing…. Scary stuff!

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2 Responses to The Birthday Tamasha

  1. GAR!!! how could G do that!!?? oh gross gross gross…. ewww i hate this mushy stuff… come on.. i was expecting a break up!

  2. dude…eric,cmon….let things get a bit mushy,it adds to the fun towards the end,this guy a complete loser,atleast let him win d girl

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