Assassins Pledge

Written while aboard a Jet Airways flight…. jobless and suffering excruciating boredom!!

Brothers of the shadow, here is another one
Thinks he is ready to be one
What foolishness i say! Tied down by material pleasures
What does he know about solitude, my brothers?

Gliding through the dark,daggers our tongues
Going unseen, reappearing without a hint
Phase in and Phase out, the night is ours
Try to sleep, young world… but you’re never safe
As long as one of us is breathing or awake
Waiting to fly, the assassins of night await

Do not humour me… foolish one!for the brothers who surround you
Are unfeeling and uncaring
Living each second as weapons, waiting…
Serving no master, no martyr for a holy cause
A shallow existence to carry out orders as we see fit
Learn you weakling! We cannot be controlled
Demons of the dark shudder when we appear…
Cowards or the Brave, all tremble in our midst…
Haha! Why shouldn’t they? Cause no one is more dangerous
Than someone or something who has nothing to lose

No one hears us approaching
No one sees us leaving
Our prey always lies in deep slumber,unaware of our cold eyes nearby
Mortal flesh… aah! What a sight…
Cold and unfeeling… we have no misgivings…
To tear one’s soul from their body…

Tell me, are you ready to walk in the dark,young one?
Serve a higher cause, beyond explanation or comprehension
Glide and slide, Soar and slash,
Run and dash, swift and evasive
Stealth your only asset,the Night your only companion
Your soul mate till your last breath
Brothers await, ready to strike, ready to be at your side
Look into those cold eyes, young man… For this is what you will turn into
No innocence,no emotion.. no memories and no loved ones
No possession to comfort you when you are feeling down
Only your dagger to keep you company through thick and thin,your tongue in battle
No words do we utter, we let the lifeless bodies do the talking…

Are you ready, young man?To fade away from the world you hold dear
To join the brethren the world will never know
To forsake everything you hold close to your heart
The brothers wait for your decision…
Think hard young man… cause you might enjoy what lies ahead
Assassins who lie in wait…

(No one is actually ENCOURAGED to be stupid enough to try what has been mentioned!!)

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2 Responses to Assassins Pledge

  1. Anonymous says:

    what is this??not understanding far and wide!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like straight lines from somewhere…no relation between sentences..

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