THE TEAM:Karan Johar(Dharma Productions) returns after a long with much anticipated flick.Cast includes dashing Priyanka Chopra as Neha Milwani and the cute gay couple SAM and KUNAL(Abhishek and John).Kiron Kher as MAA(abhishek’s mother),Boman Irani as “M” and Bobby’chamku’ Deol as Abhimanyu Singh.
Shilpa shetty is just there for a hot item number at the beggining of the movie.
The catchy music is scored by Vishal-Shekhar.

THE PLOT:It is indeed a much hyped gay drama between two straight guys.Kunal(John) is a fashion photographer and Sameer is a NURSE…yup abhishek plays a nurse(and no he doesn’t wear those short skirts).both of them are searching for an apartment and fate brings them at the same place, but there is a small problem its only available for ‘baby log’ and not for ‘baba log’ as it has 1 more room where a baby lives alone…so they fake as being a gay couple to get the rooms.

but wait…as it turns out the “baby”(Neha) is superhot niece of an awefully bad looking fat aunt ,so now they are stuck with a smart,single and sexy editor of a fashion megzine,but no use ….they are gay..

They become friends and their friendship blossoms as Neha is very comfortable hanging out late nights with two hot gay guys.

Now the two guys go to file a residential petition as gay couple to make the process fast and abhishek’s approval gets sent to London where lives his punjabi dramaqueen mom…and when she gets the shocking latter she decides to go see her ‘LADLA’ at miami.

Incidently both the guys gain love interst in Neha who is in love with the editor fo chief Abhimanyu(Bobby),so now they try to get rid of now its a quadilateral between two gay guys ,a hot chick and Bobby…while Abhishek’s mother think that his son is in love with a guy.

what happens next the full of funny incidences and some really good timed humour.some really good written stuff and good screenplay…with a climax where u’ll see a kiss of its kind for bollywood.

Priyanka is looking hot,John dashing and Abhishek’s gay acting is a must to see.Music goes ok with the movie.

THE RATING:3.5/5 nice entertainer,good humour,some very nice performances and, good direction though its not the best that we have seen this year. Go watch it with your bunch and u’ll surely have a good time.

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