the movie revolves around the married couple GOPAL(ajay devgan) and EKTA(kareena),while gopal is a hardworking professional in a fisheries firm in goa,his wife ekta is a homemaker addicted to the never ending daily soaps. this addiction leads her to repeatedly allege her husband of infidelity..her mute brother is played by tushar kapoor,and shreyas talpade plays the role of a new recruit in gopal’s firm who gets our hero out of trouble every time and arshad warsi is the foolish cop who is always looking for a chance to put gopal behind bars…there are many bits and pieces roles by other stars which are of very little relevence to the movie….


unlimited fun is what thhey call it…well,i say stupidity…..

the movie does make you laugh at some points of time, but really the whole film is about pulling the leg of someone or the other in the whole entetainment industry…right from ekta kapoors serials,to saif’s tatoo,references to other movies like om shanti om and saawariya,making fun of rani mukherjee repeatedly in multiple scenes,it is a bit too much,if you do it in a limit then the audience may like it,like in OSO for instance

the jokes about the deaf and dumb and the cross dressing doesnt necessarily make you laugh always..

the movie has done well economically in the festive season because of the grand opening it recieved due to the success of the last film..

performance wise too,only tushar kapoor and shreyas talpade impress in parts,maybe tushar kapoor should do only mute roles,that might help his career a bit,for ajay devgan there is very less to do,and kareena plays the part of the typical bahu from the daily soaps,well,she is bad at it

arshad warsi gets too loud in a few scenes and is laughing without reason in the whole film

the movie is good if you just want to chill out with freinds in a cheap theatre and like to shout out comments throughout the movie

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2 Responses to GOLMAAL RETURNS

  1. dude u forgot to list the cast…

  2. i deliberately wanted to drift away from the routined relevant cast is on d postr itself

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