Quiz 2

Since not many people found the last quiz answerable,i am posting a mellowed down version consisting of 5 questions.So go ahead kill,steal,google,do whatever you want,just get the answers.I assure you they will be interesting.

1.The California Products Corporation,a manufacturer of ‘environmental containment coatings’, has two competing divisions.One division has had ‘attention’ focused on its most famous product during a fortnight in August-September every year since 1978. The other division’s product has enjoyed similar ‘attention’ every January, since 2007. Either identify these products or tell me where these products are in use.

2.The Separation of Light and Darkness, The Creation of the Sun and the Moon and the
firmaments, the creation of Adam and Eve, the Fall, Noah’s Sacrifice and the Drunkenness of Noah are sequences at which famous location?

3.At Beijing 2008, in the Rhythmic Gymnastics group event for women, the Israel didn’t
win any medal. The team comprising of Olena Dvornichenko, Katerina Pisetsky, Maria Savenkov, Rahel Vigdozchik & Veronika Vitenberg finished 6th, but got much media attention in India. Why?

4.To make the kiswah, you need 670 kilograms of pure silk. This quantity is turned into
47 panels of cloth, each of a length of 14 metres. Other requirements include 120 kgs gold and about 50 kgs silver for lettering. The kiswah measures 658 square metres and costs about 17 million in the local currency. What is the kiswah?

5.While bouncers are very common now, in 1893 it would have been unthinkable for a bowler to use those tactics as it was used in this historic match. The umpire would have surely objected. Also, matches with only one innings a side are a relatively recent occurrence. In the late 1890s even friendly matches lasting only 1-2 days had 2 innings each, so it is very unlikely that this match would last only 1 innings. Also, even if the match lasted one innings each, as long as the chasing team didn’t lose all their wickets, if they hadn’t scored as much as the team batting first, they wouldn’t lose the match, simply draw it. What are we rambling about?

Answers in a week.

P.S.:Please dont let me down unlike my friends quiz…

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8 Responses to Quiz 2

  1. Ans1. The products are DecoTurf (used as the official surface for the US Open in August-September) and the other is Plexipave, which will be the official surface for the Australian Open from 2007

  2. Ans 4. The Kiswah is the cloth used to cover the Kabba, a cube in the centre of Mecca, which is the most sacred site in all of Islam

  3. I’m using the net to get these answers by the way… fun idea, and veery nice questions!

  4. Ans 3. The Rhythmic Gymnasts performed their last routine to the sound of Dhoom Tana (music by Vishal Shekar) from Om Shanti Om… hence it must have received a lot of publicity in Indian media…

  5. Ans. 2I guess its the Sistine Chapel… Please confirm

  6. both of you are right,it is the sistine chapel and lagaan…was the quiz easy enough for beginners?

  7. yes… if you consider us beginners. the thing is that I had to google the answers… and most likely every1 else will end up doing the same.. make it a bit more tough next time.. It takes about an hour of dedicated searching to get these answers..

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