NFS – Undercover – Sneak Peek

EA games’ seminal racing franchise, Need For Speed, is returning this November with Undercover, the latest from the EA Blackbox team. After a string of poor games like NFS Carbon and Pro Street, its imperative that EA gets it right this time, or it could mean a further setback to its already dwindling fan base. The trailers are out, and the game is set for a Nov 18th release. Heres a sneak peek into what the game has to offer.

Storyline: EA seems to have realised that NFS fans have grown to really enjoy the concept of a free roam, world racing and a motive to race. Hence Undercover returns to the arcade world, and is set in a new fictional city called Tri-City. (They could have been more imaginative there). Whats better, the game does have a police mode, and you apparently have to reprise the role played by Josie Maran in Most Wanted (that of an undercover cop), although further details arent provided. The game seems to be trying to recreate a Most Wanted feel, which is good for us gamers.

Gameplay: The icing on the cake. EA did get one thing right with ProStreet: the physics. The realism and damage of prostreet have been carried forward into this game, although I suspect it will be difficult to impose the ‘totaled’ car concept. Other than that, the trailer features the game being played on a gaming console, so graphics are top-notch: a far-evolved version of the ones seen on ProStreet. The game also features a new Highway mode, and if thats what is shown in the trailer, then a person better have the neurokinetics of Neo to play this mode.
Cons: I havent checked, but I think this game requires a 2.6 GHz processor and DX10. In that case, I cant play this game (DX 10 is available only on 8 and 9 series Nvidia chipsets). Also, Most Wanted was fun, but if they are going to end up aping it, then it gives the impression that they are running out of ideas.. which is not good for the franchise either.

Lets see how this works out. Stay tuned for how this works out ( I hope I get to play it… )

Trailers are here:

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1 Response to NFS – Undercover – Sneak Peek

  1. Chote says:

    Short and sweet,we ll need a high config pc to see the game

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