Gtalk in Linux

Generally we use pidgin for Google IM service (read more) but since the jabber and all other protocols (other than http) are blocked in our college, we will have to use web based gtalk engines :

Well here is a short tutorial to create a handy desktop icon for Web-Based Gtalk in GNOME environment :

  • Open any text editor and paste this :
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Google Talks
    Exec="/usr/bin/firefox" ''

    Replace the Icon path with your icon file location. Download the gtalk icon from here.

  • Save the file with .desktop extension and copy the file to desktop. Double click on it and you are done.

Download the ready made Shortcut.

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2 Responses to Gtalk in Linux

  1. hey thanks soo much..till now i thought i could use only meebo from linux….now i can have a google talk…but is ther any option where u can have the same to same google in something which doesnt open from a web browser..but independently??any help would be most welcome.

  2. GNUger says:

    AFAIK.. there is no standalone application released yet for gtalk in particular, but yes we can configure it using pidgin or other jabber clients. Check out the link : < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Configure Pidgin for Gtalk<>.But again, as I mentioned earlier it won’t work since college has blocked each and every protocol other than <>HTTP<>. So the only way left is to have a separate Internet Connection.

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