The silence in solitude

All the years bygone, all the ages walked upon
But still my soul haunts me, doubts me, irks me,
Now as I stand with my head so high
I tremble in guilt, fear my loss dumbfolded
By the allegations which tear through the sins
The sins so which could defy all decree
All these days, as tributes come by make people think
Baptizing the holy act to a devilish and satanic demise
Intimidating thoughts that bring so much of pain
Breaking the shackles of insufferable cruelty and unjust…
All I did get was flowers with questions
Flowers of love and questions of angst…
A dove painted all black, an angel with no wings,
A thirsty wanderer in the midst of the desert,
Craving for a breath not a drop of water,
Alas! Justice is not easy to come by,
Losing after a battle won can bring more pain than a battle lost with shame…
I am doomed to fate, still a knight,
Fighting the solitude, fighting the solitary confinement,
And all now I seek is…
The silence in solitude…

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