The dance to death

All the clowns are here,the circus is about to begin,
The fire sets the stage ablaze,
The clown dancing to the celebrations,
The death of humanity,death of righteousness,
In the gathering shadows of avid faces,
Estranged death suffocating amidst the myriad,
No kins to seek,no foes to avenge,
Life fading away to the distant skies each moment,
A quest for life,a vain crippled struggle,
To eventually succumb to its own fate,
One chance to death,one moment to live,
One breath to draw,one reason to survive,
All it needs is brotherhood,
All it needs is some mercy,
To break free from its fate,
To defy even the greatest!
But alas!
The mass is here,the stage is set,
The fire lit and the rituals begun,
The clowns are dancing,
The dance to death.

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