THE GENRE: Action, thriller, suspense


THE TEAM: Director Sanjay Gadhvi of DHOOM and DHOOM2 fame comes back with a hard hitting thriller. Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan and Minisha Lamba are in lead roles

Shree ashtvinayak cine vision have produced the movie.

vidya malvade has done a cameo


THE PLOT: Vikrant( sanjay dutt) is a head-strong businessman, who likes to get what he wants and live life his own way. Sonia( minisha) is his daughter who is equally obnoxious, and doesn’t like to be told what to do. Kabir( imran) is a young man, intelligent, intense and alone, he has just one thing on his mind-revenge, and he is ready to cross all limits for that revenge against vikrant.

So he kidnaps vikrants daughter sonia, in turn vikrant has to play a game with various dangerous task, each of which requires breaking the law in some form or the other.

Vikrant doesn’t like taking orders from a stranger, a criminal, but he has no option other than that if he wants to save his daughter’s life.

the concept is intersting and the festive season should ensure a good opening inspite of tough competition from DRONA. watch it for the rivalry between the new-look imran khan and the hard-hitting sanjay dutt

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13 Responses to KIDNAP

  1. Anonymous says:

    ok ppl, stop copyin the reviews from movie review sites… be original fr a change, It ‘ld make sense to visit and read stuff on this blog …half the stuff here is copied … its a good initiative, but u r fuckin it up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah I agree. Even I felt that way. Please dont get such a name, now that its our college blog, let that “negative college tag” not fall onto this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yo fkin idiots… listen to them!

  4. ok enuf of it…dis or ne article is not copied,i hv written it myself,and if u thnk it it copied then prove it and if u so fucking care abt the college name then come out in the open u fucking bastard and say wht u want to say wid ur own name, dont hide behind the anon. tag….a note for everyone reading dis,if anyone wishes to contribute here,ur most welcome,bt if not,its ur choice we dont hv a prob.,but dont piss us off like this….

  5. Chote says:

    i donno whats the prob with u pplcriticism r welcome but this kinda lanuguage is just intolerable and Severus’ retorting back in the same way is just human.If u have a prob u could join and tell us how to do our job, but stop throwing stones….. its the easiest thing to do

  6. kid says:

    well, interesting argument. I agree dat ppl shdnt react dat way. But the guy hu posted this has a point in a different sense. The articles dont hav a meaning, i mean i feel all this movie reviews shdnt be posted lik dis, definitely the guy hu has ritten dis has read it smewhere nd put in his own words, this any1 can read frm review sites.. big deal. Instead try smethin creative lik get a compilation of sme odd scenes, odd figures or facts abt d movie, smethin dat catches attention. Simply reviewing doesnt make sense, dis ny1 can do, copy frm places, put in ur own words… blah blah… get my point? Try including english movies which arent screened in India, dat will help, nd is more practical, cuz ppl in our coll can dwnload it and watch if its gud… so this will prove to be a place fr ppl to chk out fr new “unknown” movies… tell hme hu will visit this site to read abt popular hindi movies which are reviewed in every newspaper, magazine, website..? get it?? .. think differently…

  7. cool….nice suggestions…i agree 2 wht u say and will try to do the neeedful from nowif anyone has ne issue wid dis blog u can always put ur views forward and give suggestions and ideas,but using slang and trying to get on our nerves is not going to help…

  8. ok…looks like we got ourselves a couple of people who want to do things… by the way if all the above mentioned people did notice… i did invite you guys to write.. the max i could do is show up in front of your views with a freaking signup form which u know will never happen..the review by the way revolves around the plot.. even if the guy who wrote the article copied stuff.. does that make him well lets see unoriginal? if godzillas plot style was adapted in a walk to remember kind of scenario.. wouldnt that come out badly?Fine constructive criticism is good but all i see is guys TALKING rather than DOING..If you think you can do better than severus in his articles… why dont u get in touch with me through the shoutbox once ur article is done..I started the blog in the holidays for those people who had nothing better to do in life… including myself.. i agree things are copied… am a huge movie buff myself and writing reviews on movies aint that easy..Being creative to a limit is acceptable and as far as the college tag is concerned, i will be honest when i say i dont give a damn what tag is associated with the blog..either u be a part of the group trying to help make a difference(aka us even if it means ripping stuff off) or be a part of the problem(aka the JANTA which has nothing better to do than come and post comments on a review… for God’s sake its just a review)The offer still stands… if you think your better at movie reviews.. reach out through the shoutbox once you have done a review or some sort of well ORIGINAL thing… )The anonymous people need not be anonymous… come on and step up… either reveal yourself and prove what you talk… its time you walked the talk

  9. more thing dat i want to clarify wid the movie articles is dat the articles which contain just the plot are written before the muvi has actually releasd and ders no way dat i can make dat original,coz dats based on public speculation and news abt the muvi in the media..but the verdicts dat i give(which i dont give to every muvi as i cannot watch every muvi) is purely my opinion about the complete film as a film critc and based on public opinion of ppl in our clg..if more ppl want to join in,ur most use d shout box more,its a gr8 toolu can always use d shout box

  10. kid says:

    @lerchthanx fr d offer, but I had refused it earlier cuz I don think i hav much time to dedicate to this… Tell me wats d point jus joinin this blog party nd doin nuthin … simple… nd ya lemme tell u 1 thing, ppl hu arent involved in this blog arent “jobless”… ppl hav their own commitments. Its their free will, if they think they are really gud at it, or if they wanna spend some time on it. U cant declare them as jobless idiots. plz don do it, u r destroyin ur own image … do this fr d better… nd jus suggesting things doesnt mean I shd get involved. definitely not, wat u think severus is dat bad? Hav faith, he can deliver! trust ppl. I kno hu u r and also hu severus is, I hav faith. @severusNxt time plz don use the same language as the idiots hu abuse u. dat shows ur impatience, and brings ur image down. Instead try tackling it diplomatically… therez no use abusing and shouting…I m jus suggesting u ppl things, fr u to make it better… plz take heed!

  11. to be honest…. enough of the suggestions..i never called anyone jobless(if someone comes on to the blog and writes nonsense rather than commit to something… are they ppl with COMMITMENTS??? and my image can take a hike…)glad u know me kid… no offense meant to u but rather lately lots of jacks are online expressing their opinions rather than doing things… i dont declare ne1 nething… action speaks louder than words kid… (not meaning that u dont do anything.. )

  12. kid says:

    well… I don wana say anymore … but plz pay heed to 1 thing. Its gud if ppl comment on ur work, be it bad or gud. even if they dont commit, atleast u will kno hw u r doin wit respect to these ppl… a feedback. dont underestimate them…nd well, since u arent encouraging suggestions, I wont post any here on …well… cheers! 🙂

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