THE GENRE: Fantasy, action, drama



Abhishek Bachchan teams up again with director friend Goldie Behl, with Priyanka Chopra opposite him, Kaykay plays the antagonist, with jaya bachchan in a little cameo.

Eros has produced the movie



Since time immemorial a secret has been guarded by generations of warriors. A secret so mystical, and powerful, if revealed it can endanger the very existence of human race.

The warrior that protects this secret and thus, the society is called DRONA.

Aditya( abhushek) is the DRONA of this generation, it is his responsibility to protect the secret from RIZ( Kaykay) who wants to know the secret and spread his evil intentions in the world. DRONA gets help and support from SONIA(Priyanka). Jaya bachchan plays his mother.

Essentially, this is a story of good versus evil , set in a mystic background with mythic characters and fantastic magic.


Releasing on the double occasion of Eid and Gandhi Jayanti, it promises a good opening atleast, the rest depends on the performances and the script. 

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