Guess who’s back

Ok, if you are browsing this site, then you already know the bad news…

Cyberoam is back… and with a vengeance. We’ve had a nice time in its absence, freely connecting to the internet, browsing whatever sites we see fit, the works… and someone somewhere has apparently decided that all good things must come to an end… Hence they’ve allowed Cyberoam to be reinstated. This now means restricted browsing (no social networking sites), no downloading (the client blocks all download ports, so whatever speed we used to get will also disappear) and slower browsing speeds… (although its been pretty fast today, it remains to be seen how long this good fortune will last).

There are ways to get around it though. Try looking for proxy servers (russian ones are known to break through it) or there is a software package called vidalia available on the college LAN (search on DC++, I found it there). This allows things to be sped up considerably, while unblocking all sites. If anyone finds/knows any other way to get around it.. pls post a comment to help us out here…

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