Good Times

Times are good,things even better,
Thats what i think or am i dumb?
Darkness surrounding me questions burying me,
Its a fake world out there or is it worse?
Pretentions dancing upon you, eluding you from the real,
Aplenty faces,infinite dreams…
Amidst the chaos there is me…
Burdened by thoughts, no dreams to chase,
Am i the one or are they the one?
Fighting for a place in the ship of fools,
Unknown faces seem so known,the known unknown,
Reality so latent,notihng but next to eternity,
The chains of past pulling me,the present pushing me,
Eyes desperately searching the future…
A future that becomes my present,
The present that becomes my my past…
But never does the hope die,invincible and undefeatable,
Striking a chord of familiarity with reality,
Both unknown,giving another chance to survive,
Fight for the cause and live for the future,
One last breath before the good times begin…

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