And G Returns… to his doom????

Apologies folks for the absence… it was due to unforeseen circumstances and lets plunge into action… G’s got a girlfriend… Have i gone mad??? Well not really

The last we saw G was that he was with Nisha, yes the same girl he bumped into at the corner..(Nisha is ofcourse purely fictional so no gossip please)So how did a freak(sorry G geek i meant…Ouch i am getting hit by him.. yes he is viewing this folks) get a girl like her.. Yes a smart, sweet and ofcourse very good-looking girl(stop wagging your tongues guys..)That memorable day started off with an order of bread omlette and after a 2 hour chat with several classes skipped they were well on to the way of becoming a couple.. though it wasn’t a fast forwarded affair.. several courtship attempts by G, some ending with the prof firing him for his crazy attire( a red t shirt with a sunflower pattern woven on the front… tsk tsk G)..Some ending with a black eye from some outsiders who thought G was off his rocker and possibly AHEM AHEM… One involving a mad dash to run away from a crazed dog next to Nisha’s hostel..that cost him a good pair of jeans and a trip to the hospital for precautionary reasons
In short, G sacrificed himself on the altar of dignity(quite literally.. professing your liking in front of your friends without dying of ridicule takes guts and boy did our friend G have it)… Well the good news for us is that he did eventually manage to pop the question(not of marriage you morons, hold your horses, this is G, it should take a millennium for that..) and yes Nisha is with him(DARN…. )

Now comes the sad part… Its Nisha’s birthday.. G has just gotten up.. 8 am.. Beautiful weather, nice breeze, smell of sweet air(the aroma of toilet has for once not invaded his nostrils.. and thank God) G wonders… what could go wrong?? What a day! Wonder what Nisha…..(OUCH… Now the dolt gets it).. No wishes.. and worse not even a present… The boyfriend is in all sorts of trouble and a packed timetable ain’t going to help matters…. A hurried phone call to her is of no avail.. The Airtel voice recorded response gives a polite SWITCHED OFF..G wishes it was a live call.. will show those miserable people… what the &$(^#*$# the expletives keep coming so much so that the roomie thinks he has lost it at last who has been sworn to secrecy about the acceptance…) If his friends found out.. we would need a coffin and a tombstone in no time at all.. It’s G folks.. the shy and now very upset G is left dabbing at his poha with a spoon.. what to do? Should i commit Hara-Kiri he wonders.. the poor guy just don’t know relationships

So on the next episode of G.. as he sits on the back of the Pulsar 180 driven by his roomie(who currently is wondering how a loser like G got her… Luck or not he cribs throughout the ride) G ponders on what to do.. Stay tuned to G’s next move

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