‘UGLY’ aur ‘PAGLI’


Pritish Nandy comes back as producer with another movie starring Mallika Sherawat. This time he has cast the ever improving Ranveer Shourrie opposite her…Sachin Khot is the director,Anil pandey is the writer…..the music is by Anu Malik and is already a hit in Discos and parties…..


Ranveer(KABIR) plays the role of a loser who has been studying engineering for many years now and has very less hopes of passing out,he is desperate for a girlfriend,tracks girls’ signals like an anttena,and is always in company of frustrated friends like himself…in short he is ‘UGLY’…..his life is like a monotous time-piece until one day he meets KUHU(mallika),from the moment he sees her,his life is turned upside down,she is an obnoxious,moody,bossy girl who is a FEmale chauvinist to say the least…she drinks like a tanker,and then pukes like a fire extinguisher……..she makes the life of KABIR a living hell from the moment she meets him,slapping him is a pass time activity for her……in short…she is ‘PAGLI’…..

how UGLY and PAGLI react to each other and their problems is for you to check out this weekend……….


coming from the same stable as “PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS”,this movie fails to live upto the expectations it has created…..

mallika sherawat proves once again that she can act,and pretty well at that,ranveer shourrie impresses once again with his timing,and you almost pity his character in a few scenes…..

the story though,seems almost like a liability,and you wonder sometimes,was the title meant for the script or the characters,inspiration from MY SASSY GIRL is apparent,and it lacks originality in approach….

a few of the songs are good,but thoroughly misplaced in the movie,they could have been used in better places or not used at all…..

all in all,its a bumpy ride,but not a boring one,you could go watch it if your not doing anything better this weekend,but beware,dont take your girlfriend along,you might just spoil her…….

and yes,before i finish the review,got to mention the slaps,the 99 slaps are hilarious at best,and the one kiss,well,is exotic to say the least……..

it gets a 2.5/5,and a green signal for a leisurely viewing……….

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