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GO KISS THE WORLD- Subroto Bhagchi Subroto Bagchi grew up amidst what he calls the ‘material simplicity’From humble beginnings, he went on toachieve extraordinary professional success, eventually co-foundingMindTree, one of India’s most admired software services companiesThrough personal anecdotes and simple … Continue reading

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Guess who’s back

Ok, if you are browsing this site, then you already know the bad news… Cyberoam is back… and with a vengeance. We’ve had a nice time in its absence, freely connecting to the internet, browsing whatever sites we see fit, … Continue reading

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SURYA KIRAN…"Sadaiva Sarvottama"(Always the best)

1982, the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Air force saw the inception of nine Hunter aircraft performing feats in the air. The team flew Hawker Hunter aircraft (Also flown by ‘The Black Arrows’ of the Royal Air Force).Led by Wg … Continue reading

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Led Zeppelin – A tribute

Lucifer’s Cobbler returns, with an ode to the unquestionable heroes of classic rock… Enjoy Mainstream music has undergone a significant change in the recent times. Today we have thousands and thousands of bands and singers crooning all over. These artists … Continue reading

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Good Times

Times are good,things even better,Thats what i think or am i dumb?Darkness surrounding me questions burying me,Its a fake world out there or is it worse?Pretentions dancing upon you, eluding you from the real,Aplenty faces,infinite dreams…Amidst the chaos there is … Continue reading

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since no one has even attempted my questions, i have decided to dumb down the next set of them….but before that, here are the answers. 1.Pervez musharraf2.Bucknor. and that is steve bucknor3.Ernest hemingway4.Winds of change5.Volvo6.Nandan nilekani and n r narayana … Continue reading

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Fitting Finale on the Cards

What has been a wonderful series of test cricket, is set for a perfect finale when the final test starts today.After a humiliating defeat in the 1st test which India lost by an innings and some 200 runsIndia fought back … Continue reading

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And G Returns… to his doom????

Apologies folks for the absence… it was due to unforeseen circumstances and lets plunge into action… G’s got a girlfriend… Have i gone mad??? Well not really The last we saw G was that he was with Nisha, yes the … Continue reading

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‘UGLY’ aur ‘PAGLI’

THE TEAM: Pritish Nandy comes back as producer with another movie starring Mallika Sherawat. This time he has cast the ever improving Ranveer Shourrie opposite her…Sachin Khot is the director,Anil pandey is the writer…..the music is by Anu Malik and … Continue reading

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