There was action,comedy,drama,suspanse and above all …EMOTION,when on the historic day of 22nd July ’08 the UPA government braved a stormy trust vote in the Loksabha and Mamohan singh became only the sixth prime minister since 1979 to face a trust vote in parliament.
Government’s win of 275 against 256 meant happy ending for the UPA government and thumbs up for the Nuke-D as well as financial reforms.Though at a inflation rate higher than any this country has seen in last 40 years and commonman bearing most of it,most of the indians (83%as claimed by TOI) wanted government to survive the vote and go ahead with Nuke-D.
The UPA celebrations,however,have come under a cloud with the BJP’s allegations in Parliament,seen by many parties as a time-stalling move ahead of the trust vote.
Trouble broke out when Ashok Argal,a BJP member from Morena,and some others took out wads after wads of currency notes to substantiate their claim that horse trading had taken place and heavy cash used to “purchase” MPs for the trial of strength.Argal placed the bag on the table of the secretary general in front of the Speaker’s podium and fished out 10 bundles of currency notes of Rs 1000 denomination.
SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav,meanwhile,said the move was orchestrated by the BJP to topple the UPA government.Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said,-“this is most unfortunate and a sad day in the history of Parliament.”But the show went on and a clear winner was announced before ending the special two day session of parliament.
Itall started when left asked government not to go ahead with the Nuke-D and if PM goes to IAEA they will withdraw their support from the government,which meant that the balance can shift either way.But UPA government overlooked this threat and went to the IAEA and that was all which was required for a trust vote against government.
Third front played their card pitching for Mayawati as PM while SP MPs crossed over towards government.six member unit including JD(s) and RLD supported opposition,where as JMM with its head Shibu soren backed government as seeing a good opportunity to get benefited from if at all the government survives.
Both the sides claimed that they have the nos. in their pocket and stage was set for some fireworks.With bribing allegations,cross-voting,abstaintions,some very animated,energatic speeches,some special appearances like Govinda,Jayaprada,Raj Babbar and six MPs who were allowed to attend LS despite their sentence terms in progress and a rebel President of the house the climax didn’t disappoint any of 9.5L who watched it live.
And this GREAT INDIAN TAMASHA became an instant hit as the market cheered with 838.0 points of growth in sensex the very next day.

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  1. Chote says:

    I do hope that this getaway helps the Indian Economy and more importantly the UPA succeeds in stopping these bomb blasts.Its really frustrating and excruciating to know whats going to happen and we cant stop them.btw good work……

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