Linux-How to Install

There are a few terms to know before installing Linux

Swap– Its like the pagefile space just that in linux it is a separate partition,even if u dont make it
Linux will still make it out of the partition in which you intsall it, so its better that you do it urself
Swap partitions are ideally the size twice of your ram,but now when people have 4GB rams they may go for a
4GB swap

Desktop Environments– The desktop environments are the GUI between the user and the OS
.There are many DEs available there, the best is KDE.Another good one is GNOME

Boot Loader– The boot loader contains the information about the various OSs running on your comp
say if you run Linux with Windows.The most used boot loader out there is GRUB.Another is LILO.

Well then now that we are ready,lets see how to install it

Well the installation is a piece of cake except for the disk partioniong where most of us get stuck.Just follow the on screen instructions until u reach the partitioning stage.Till then you will be asked is the regional info, keyboard setup you want and some small stuff like that.

when you reach the partioning stage the idea is to have a partition of say 10GB partition (thats a decent size, the minimum can be even 4GB) in which u want to install Linux.
First make a swap partition of double the size of of your ram.Do this selecting an empty partition, click the delete button so that u have unpartitioned space.Then click the new button and select the size of the swap partition and select the type of partition as swap.
Do the same for the main partition and select the type of partition as ext3 and mount point as “/”.

Then you will be asked to select the packages u want to install and then the type of boot loader u want i.e (Grub or Lilo) and the root password.
Then the installation will start.

Well i ve covered only the main points because other things are the same as installing XP. Happy Hunting.If u people have any probs installing linux pls feel free to leave a comment.

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