Shahid kapur and Vidya balan paired against each other for the first time.director aziz mirza comes back after a bit of a break after his last movie chalte chalte….its a tips film…juhi chawla and om puri in cameos….vishal plays an important role as well

a young and talented architect RAJ(shahid) struggling for work,not because he is not good enough,but because he is not lucky enough.he tries his best to do well,get good work and be as succesful in his professional life as he was in his college life…..but luck is against our hero for some reason…….then he meets PRIYA(vidya),the girl who changes his fortunes,everything that RAJ does,with a mere presence of PRIYA,turns into a success for him…he soon realises that the key to his fortunes lies with the simple toronto girl with high values,ambitions and yes…….a boyfreind…
its upto him now to keep her by his own side everytime he works on a project to make it a success…….and its upto you to find out what happens to his endeavours by watching the movie…….

THE VERDICT: SILLY….is the word that comes to the mind as you leave the theatres after watching this movie…the story is a total rip off from the hollywood flick GET LUCKY..the script is too weak and fails two talented actors who have impressed one and all with power packed performances in the past……..the comedy too is a bit cliched…the jokes bore you and so does the chemistry between the lead pair…the only respite is perhaps the performance by VISHAAL,who has done a good job of playing shahid kapur’s sidekick…he even makes you laugh in some of the scenes
maybe aziz mirza should stick to directing SRK,because at some places in the movie it seems as if shahid is trying to copy SRK…
the movie is predictable right through and you can almost predict the climax 2 scenes before it has actually begun…..
JUHI CHAWLA’s character is stupid at best,and better left uncommented
vidya balan’s clothes are,to say the least,pathetic,film-makers have to realise the fact that in the times of the ZERO-FIGURE,this is one heroine that needs to be portrayed as a woman rather than a girl,even her chemistry with shahid tellls you that……
shahid kapur,tries his best,but fails…his role is ill-written and doesnt do full justice to his talent…maybe he needs to be a bit selective now after doing JAB WE MET…
all in all,an ill-made film,only the critics should see it,that too because its their profession…….

it gets a 1/5 and a thumbs down…..(watch it just for the air-conditioning of the theatres)

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  1. Chote says:

    if thats the case u r saying it is really wat a waste a of shahid kapoor…..i am not so much of a fan of vidya balanbut after JWM my xpectations from a shahid movie had increased…….i agree with severus on the point that he has to be more selective now

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