F-22 ( codenamed "THE RAPTOR" )

This time i am introducing u to a technical masterpiece, surpassing any machine in the air. During the late 80’s Americans desperately needed an air superiority fighter .The Cold war was at its peak and to counter the threat posed by Soviet Sukhoi aircrafts, United States Air Force issued tenders to the famed Lokheed Martin and Boeing companies for developing an ’air superiority fighter’ aircraft .The work began intensively in 1990 and after some time the companies came with F-22 combat aircraft.
The maiden flight was performed in 1997. It was nicknamed the “RAPTOR” .This fighter is a 5th gen. Aircraft ,with cutting edge technologies.The raptor is an aircraft with all latest technologies. To begin with –
1.This aircraft uses stealth technology which saves it from detection by enemy radars.
2.It’s primarily an air superiority fighter but still can perform the role of ground attack, signal intelligence and electronics warfare.
3.With its amazing twin powerplant it can cruise up to the speed of mach 2.2.
4.It’s avionics is quite advanced which includes AESA (actively electronically scanned radar) that can track a multiple targets at a time.
5.The softwre of ‘raptor’ is well designed consisting of around 1.7 million code lines.most of the software is concerned about processin the data from its complex radar.
6.One of the most attractive feature is its threat detction ability. It can work as a mini AWACS(airborne warning and control system) ,helping it to identify its friend and foes damn easily.
This aircraft right now can be crowned with the most “lethal combat aircraft” in air.The USAF has around 200 of these jets in its inventory.

No airforce in currently uses it because of its high cost.Thats why Americans have come up with F-35 which is the cheaper variant of
RAPTOR. This jet is truly a technical achievement.

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