Linux………….all of us know that word, know bits and pieces about it. We all want to try and install it on our systems and use it, but how many of us really do that……v don’t want to get away from our “precious” Windows(no offence Mr. Bill Gates……). The main reason that its hard for Linux to cement its place in India coz piracy is cool here (literally) , no strict laws or anything. Its just coz the other software companies aren’t releasing their applications for Linux, like games and other heavier apps; hence the ppl with Linux have to do it themselves and release an alternative. But its more than just being free that makes Linux special………it outscores Windows in every department ( its actually a shame I am writing this in MS Word……).well lets c how………

How Linux is better than Windows:

  1. Stability: Linux is more stable than Windows any day. The system rarely crashes if u know what r u doing ie if u aren’t tinkering with the system folders
  2. Security: Over 90% of the world’s servers run on Linux. Case Dismissed.
  3. Choice: There are a lot of distributions available out there and u can definitely find a flavor that suits you perfectly.
    A few food ones : Ubuntu, Fedora , PC-Linux OS, Mandriva,
  4. Freedom: Still cant find a flavor u like…….well how about creating one of your own????????
    The source code is available for every Linux distribution and u can take any distro and edit its source code to make it behave as u like though only a few ppl can do it…..(I cant).
  5. Freeeeeeeeeee: All softwares that come bundled with the installation cd of a distro are free……..and yes, they are as useful as their windows counterparts, while being thousands of times more stable.
    Just for an example: GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the one of the most powerful image editing software you will ever find (rivals Adobe Photoshop in terms of RGB image editing abilities) and it comes with practically every distro……free.

Watch this space, next time ill post about how to install any distro of Linux

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  1. very informative!!I hope the linux trend spreads onto people of our college well enough to protect their pcs/laptops from repetitive formatting and crashing.Good job!!Keep up the enlightening!!

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