Artist of the Month – John Petrucci

Many bands captivate rock lovers across the globe… Notably Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple, Nirvana… the list is too long to mention.. Great guitarists exist in the world to entertain and enthrall.. whether it be Slipknot or previously mentioned Dragonforce and heck lets throw in the Black Metal crazed loonies notably Dimmu Borgir.. each to his own… One band however struck my fancy.. not because of the NOISE factor every non rock lover quotes as a serious problem(well i disagree completely..) this band makes you sit up and enjoy with their progressive metal style songs… long and melodious… i am talking about Dream Theater and one of the main founders of this under-rated and very much upcoming band… JOHN PETER PETRUCCI

Lets not get into the history of the band which was formerly Majestic which then became Dream Theater… For the newbies, here are the current members…

John Petrucci – guitarist(featured)
Mike Portnoy – drums(arguably one of the best … note ONE..)
John Myung – bass(one of the founding members along with the other two)
Jordan Ruedess – keyboards(amazing and the latest member in terms of joining.)
James LeBrie – vocals(opera style singer… loved by many hardcore fans)

Hit the spotlight on John Petrucci… currently the most featured artist on G3 with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai(another article for them i fear..) and the latest album of Dream Theater being Systematic Chaos…. backed by Roadrunner Records.. Petrucci is the instrumental type.. not the loud and violent riffs Eddie Van Halen nor the deep and moving Jimmy Page of Led Zepp fame nor can we compare him to Black Sabbaths Iommi who gave us some all time great riffs… this is a person with a more technical approach to music contrary to the majority of whats heard these days.. From the Berkeley School Of Music, Petrucci proves his worth in well not gold, but in the riffs and the co-ordination with other band members during songs.. the chemistry is just right and what’s more the music produced is heavenly.. guaranteed not to disappoint and knock you off your feet each time you hear it… happy or sad.. no distinctions because this is the real deal and you could not get more technically sound gifted music other than Dream Theater

Petrucci is also one of the main lyricist’ for the band.. aside from being a founding member along with Myung and Portnoy in Berkeley.. A project called the Liquid Tension Experiment along with Tony Levin on bass and with the rest of the folks in Dream Theater.. the product was a heavenly album which is a must hear for die-hard progressive fans, the continuity and the flow of riffs and solos along with the artistic keyboard notes and Portnoy’s drumming…. All in all.. one amazing band to hear and mind you, their instruction videos are an amazing treat for budding musicians.. No nonsense and hit you hard with their sound… that’s their style

John Petrucci is Dream Theater’s life force.. it would be unfair to other members to say that.. but greatness attracts criticism.. he isnt a machine gun guitarist nor does he show interest in performing shred solos… the beauty of his music is that he can do most of what the deepest and darkest bands can do.. but his preference for that “Petrucci” style of music singles him out immediately and that in itself generates respect for a man who doesnt want to follow the same groove… rather… he creates his own one for others to notice and appreciate!

Starting from the 1989 When Dream and Day Unite.. Petrucci’s work has been without a doubt a treat to hear…

Some albums to hear for the people reading…
Liquid Tension Experiment
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Images and Words.

Whatever said and done.. even if Rolling Stones or any other magazine don’t consider him a top 100 guitarist… well he doesn’t care nor do i because frankly, i feel he doesnt do for the acclaim.. he does it for the heart and the soul… and that’s what makes fans across the world, appreciate John Petrucci and his energetic performances.

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