THE TEAM:Aamir khan productions comes out with its 3rd movie.writer Abbas tyrewalla turns director with this film.It is also the debut film for aamir’s nephew Imran khan.genelia d’souza(from MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP) is cast opposite imran in the film.the music is from the maestro himself:A.R. REHMAN.small cameos from naseruddin shah and ratna pathak shah are also excpected with a few guest appearences from a few stars in the movie.
THE PLOT:JAI(imran) and ADITI(genelia) are together since they were kids,they are the closest to each other but opposites in every sense of the wordJAI is a peace loving,non violent and silent college boy who likes to keep out of trouble and hang-out with his freinds,ADITI on the other hand is a bubbly and loud girl who wants to do everything in life,and often gets in troubleshe gets invloved in fights very easily and it rests on JAI to cool her down,she very possesive with respect to JAI as well,any one messing up with JAI has to face ADITI’s grudges as well,and sometimes her abuses also.their freinds understand and repect this relationship very well,they know that aditi and jai are made for each other,even their parents know it,and they believe its only time before they get married to each other.but the question is do they themselves know it,when do two people realize the true depth of their relationship?
well,that is the question this movie tries to answer,promises a lot of potential,especially after so much publicity and hype created by aamir khan over this movie.go watch it this friday…….
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