:Harry Baweja(of QAYAMAT fame) launches his son HARMAN with a sci-fi thriller this week.harry himself is the director and writer of the movie,Priyanka Chopra is the leading lady.the movie has Anu malik’s music and Javed akhtar’s lyrics…Boman irani and raveena tandon are also in important roles.
THE PLOT:KARAN(harman) is a young spirited boy who falls in love with SANA(priyanka) a young,pretty and shy girl.karans uncle(boman irani)is a scientist who makes a time machine after years of hardwork and pateince.sana shows a desire to travel in time through the time machine,so they go to mumbai in the year they see,mumbai city has changed completely in 2050,with flying cars,200 storey bulidings and sky rails and robots..karan and sana get seperated in the course of events and are greatly supported by QT(a female robot) and BOO(a robot teddy)to come together,but soon they find themselves in the threat of Dr. HOSHI,a demi-god of the future world…….
wether karan finds his love and comes back to the present is a question that will be answered only when you go watch the movie….
a lot of potential in the concept,lets hope the self proclaimed first sci-fi thriller love story of bollywood comes good this friday….
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