THE TEAM:its a COLUMBIA PICTURES’ release,with WILL SMITH playing the lead.the director is PETER BARG.Jason Bateman and Charlize theron playimportant parts….
THE PLOT:john HANCOCK(will smith) is a gifted person,he is a superhero,he has great powers.with great power comes greater responsibilty,yes spiderman and superman have realised this responsibilty to the fullest,but hancock is different,he has got attitude problems and cannot stop himself from inflicting damage on public property while saving the public..due to his powers,he is an asset to the police,but the people of LA feel they have had enough of this super-hero and they are better off without him….
in comes RAY(bateman),a PR specialist whose job is to straighten out hancock,and make him likeable to the people,but the problem is…….hancock doesnt give a damn what the people think about him,there is also a romantic angle to the story as hancock finds romantic feelings for RAY’s wife MARY(charlize theron),RAY finds himself in a strange situation with a fear of losing his wife to the twisted superhero..
well,the movie has great special effects,and will smiths performance is much awaited by his fans all around the world,especially after his last two movies,I AM LEGEND and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS,received great response at the box-office….the movie releases next friday in india and this wednesday in the US with great expectations…..
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