Movies and A Virus to keep me company

Hey guys, u raaaang??? while i have been off fighting trojans and viruses(irritating scumbags ^#&%^#%#)), am finally back…. here is some of snapes work i couldnt post and i will be giving a review on GET SMART and the incredible HULK as well as continue G’s saga before the week is over

For now here is severus’ work

GENRE:comedy,fantasy,typical masala

Saif Ali Khan,Rani mukherjee and Kunal KOhli are back together to repeat the success the three had wid HUM TUM…
this time though they are accompanied by Amisha Patel and four kids-baby Shriya Sharma,Ayushi burman,Rachit Sidana and Akshat Chopra…
the movie is co-prouced by Kunal Kohli and Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yashraj Films.

Saif Ali Khan(RANBEER TALWAR) plays a busines tycoon who has no family, he has everything anyone can ask for in life,he has all the succes except for anyone to share it with..,he is A MAN WHO ALWAYS LOST LOVE
In a lanamrk court verdict,the court orders him to take care of four orphans..
the children have lost their parents and they dont want to live with RANBEER, infact the problem is that they hate him and want revenge…….
ranbeer on the other hand also hates this uncomfortable situation and doesnt want to live with the children.
the children feel helpless and pray god for help,and he does oblige them, he sends them his angel(geeta) to help their lives(through magic!!!!) and improve their relationship with Ranbeer..
the twist in the tale starts when the angel starts falling in love herself when she is not supposed to do so…
how the story unfolds and what part does the sleazy Amisha play between all this love and magic still remains to be seen and we shall find out once the movie hits cinemas this friday



KAY KAY menon,rajat kapoor,vinay pathak,sonali kulkarni and sanhya mridul are in lead roles..
the flick is produced by joy ganguly and directed by arindam nandy..

the story is about a couple (ankur and rimli) on their honeymoon in darjeeling,everything is fine until the day before they are supposed to return to calcutta,ankur disappears…..
the police inspector(robin bose) does the investigation,the only clue is a taxi driver with whom ankur had a fight and a mysterious looking man described by rimli as to following them everywhere they went in darjeeling..
this story is narrated by the inspector 2 years later with his freinds while gossiping on a rainy day in calcutta, the freinds feel intrigued by the story and ask robin about the outcome of the case,the inspector has no answers as ankur has not been found even till date.
they start gossiping about the case and bring up their own versions of ankur’s whereabouts,the most intereting part is how robin’s freinds themselves get involved in the case and discuss the possibilities…..with the viewer also forming his own version..
it is an interesting concept with lots of potential,bollywood has not seen a decent suspense film for quite some time now,this could well be the dose of suspense the audience want this season……

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