college samachaar

‘hlo my dear enervated ppl….
this post as u all know is something which all of u wud luk forward to.
the reason is that i will be bringing, at everyones disposal, happenings straight 4m the clg .
so do take part and post yur nonsense if u wish to.
well now jokes apart and some serious stuff 4 u..
well if we consider wat all has been happening in our clg lately….
i come to d conclusion “results”
i hate this word
there hav been many ups n downs in this sem’s result as u ppl might hav already experienced.
the last sem brought some very gud results but this sem was quite unexpected…..
there were many forces which tried there best to engage some active students in crap stuffs.
there were techfest’s, meets, literary societies etc.
in all there were many things which took most of us ppl’s potential in everything but studies.
the sincere students as always did well(who gives a damn) and other mastikhor ppl lyk us suffered, that too badly.
hey now cmon man i know that its not wat u ppl might hav expected 4m someone who was assigned the duty of writing abt the clg,but just relax dude its just d beginning….
abhi to 2 yrs hai mujhe clg mein, bahut saare logon ki kholni hai yaar.
this was just the intro straight from the clg but i promise that thru this blog i will show u ppl the real picture of our clg.
i’ll try to cover every happening good or bad, i dont care, and bring to u wat u want.
this includes all the ppl whom i shall be covering who indulge in fights, verbal abuses, psycophancy etc….
keep checking especially after our session starts…..
i’ll make this blog a magnum opus
c ya..

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