Som new stuff…..

Virtual Box….

Virtual box..a software that will let u run ne operating system on ur present OS ….weather it be vista or linux..u will not have to create a partition again just to satisfy ur ever increasing need of finding new things…

the most important advantage of this software is that ……it will give u rid of system crashes that are too often when u r trying new things…….

for further info pls check :

Online OS…..

confused……don’t be…. This is future, with the ever increasing trouble of finding the right tool at the right time and that too at the right place…..

a new concept has came up….. that is Online OS

here u just need two things to experience the change…….

  1. high speed broadband connection
  2. a computer with a web browser.

Just install ur stuff on these websites…. And then u can use them ne where u need….

I think that , u can see the possibilities……

to have a demo click on:

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