Asia Cup-Six Nation or Triangular?

The Asia Cup starts from today and I wonder what the organisers are thinking………
A 6 nation tournament and I dont need to study rocket science to tell who will b 3 teams actually competing.Add to that there could not have been a worse time for the tournament to be held.Organised after a sensational IPL( if u dont count the Kitply Cup)
,the matches on the first 3 days r (xcept for the Ind vs Pak)………. i dont want to say that(pathetic).The important matches will take place at Karachi(at the coast least affected by the monsoons).

India despite losing the final of the Kitply Cup enter the tournament as favourites.India havent won the Asia Cup since 1995,they would like to do it
this time.

The frequency of India vs Pak matches has paled off the sheen off their contests.
This tournament means more than just winning or losing to Pakistan, the recent reluctance of other countries to play there and Aus pulling out has resulted in huge losses to PCB.This tournaments successful organisation is very important for PCB.
Even there have been rumours that the Champions trophy may be shifted to some other country.

Sri Lanka who have been constantly on the downslide after last years World Cup final
will be looking to prove a point or two.

All said, after the boring first leg the tornament may throw up some exciting Cricket

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1 Response to Asia Cup-Six Nation or Triangular?

  1. well said mate,PCB badly needs this sereis to click…..and ur right abt the indo-pak games as wel,m actualy looking forward to india-sl after a long time,considering murli is out of form,i want dhoni and co. to go after him….shud boost up our confidence b4 the test series against dem..

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