Honey Pots

hiiii folks
its me cyborg again…..

Again, with some old concept….but might be new for u guys…
so have u heard anything about…..say ‘ Honey pots’…..

No my dear friends , i have not changed my area of interest…..its definitely related to internet….

ahh ever thought , how all these antivirus majors….come up with these virus definitions…how they find out ..when there is a virus outbreak….
yes my friends..if u are thinking that these honey pots are somewhat related to the thing…then u r correct…

these honey pots are nothing, but some virtual ip’s ( internet protocols)…
all the antivirus majors(aka companies making softwares) have there honey pots spread all over the net…so when ever there is any virus outbreak….these honey pots serve as the most easy targets….and when they hit them, they get trapped and are then send for digital identification….these identifications are then converted into virus definitions…

so i think u might have got some idea….

More from me later…..

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