Turks deliver the hammer blow for the Croatians

Well i saw this match from the second half and when extra time came about i almost slept off…
However what i witnessed was perhaps one of the biggest upsets in football this year(even in Euro 08).. with Klasnics goal in the dying minutes of ET..the win looked inevitable till the Turks came back through a Semih Şentürk(deflected but a goal nonetheless….) Penalties and the Turks scored on penalties 3-1 with misses from Modric(how…),Rakitic and a save off striker Petric…

I guess the Turkish goalkeeper Rüştü was the man of the moment for his superb effort during the shootout as well as the brilliant saves during the match(denying Srns a curling free kick and then blocking Olic’s effort)… The Croatians were left with tears only to comfort them.. and coach Bilic will be haunted by the night’s upset for years(felt sad for him …. one minute ecstasy after the goal then absolute shock and helplessness after the Turkish bomb at the death) but kudos to the Croatians for having made it this far but fate had other ideas denying them a maiden semi final appearance at Euro 08(sad to see them go… but someone had to)

The Turks now face the Germans coming off a 3-2 victory over Portugal(inspite of Gomes and Postiga goals… Postiga in the 90th minute)…. Schweinsteiger Ballack and Klose will be the ones to watch as for the Turks you got to watch out for every single one cause they are just so unpredictable…

More on an absolutely fabulous Euro 08 as the tournament progresses

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