Cyborg’s List

The Cyborg(aka guy with no better work than to play with software…. not me folks i can assure you) has decided to bring to your attention some softwares which might help you guys deal with the OS we all(lovingly…) call Windows…. Any comments on whether these links work or whether the software does work will be highly appreciated

1) Ccleaner: formerly known as crap cleaner.System optimization at its best according to Cyborg.. removes crap and helps in running windows faster..XP and Vista compatible(need clarification on this people)

2) Fab decrypter: it will copy all the dvd movies to hdd and remove all the protections that are present in the dvd’s that stop them from being copied…(piracy is a crime folks dont try to do something stupid…only personal viewing pleasure please or usage for that matter.)

3)shareaza: this a file sharing system…which harnesses the power of upto 4 seprate peer to peer(p2p) networks like edonkey2000,gnutella,bitorent native networks..

4)Gmail drive: it creates a virtual filesystem arround ur gamil account allowing to use it as a storage medium

5)SAM: for all those who use skype…can now feel free and leave themselves connected…as now all ur incoming call can be recored when ur not available

6) Spybot -search and destroy; as the name suggest it helps in removing diff kind of spywares…it lets u know abt the tinest diffence made to ur registry…and itscomparitively low on resources(computer specs…)..(have heard of this never tried it – hatter..)

7) True crypt: all those who have never felt the power of encryption, this is it…. a tool to create an entire encrypted drive…where all ur data can be stored..and no one can ever find out

8) O&O defrag2000: an award winning tool in the filed of degragmentation….if ur aware of what defragmentation is…then this is a good software to try out…as defragmentation is a big problemo for most hostel users…

9) CPU Z; for all those who have brand new pc’s……this tool will help u know all the minute details of ur configurations..(need to know if this works people…hatter)

10) IZarc3.7: forget winzip…this tool will help u to zip files with uncompared ratios’ and support many archive formats…like 7-zip,arc,CAB,C2d and many more…

Guys please be careful while downloading these files… any errors or issues which creep up let us know immediately… the cyborg is still looking around for more to bring you next time.. let us know your thoughts on the above

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