Fate Of The Feather

A feather in the desert
The hot breeze kissing it by
The cold rains wailing its pain
The breeze whispering into its ears
Announcing the divine kill
The victory dance of the devil
Losing faith to distress
The unrest inside and the chaotic outside
A dead dog.its blue pupilless eyes
Vultures of eternity eyeing the infinite
Naked children left to the mercy of the sun
The world is round and all ends meet
The immortal burning itself to a mortal
the mortal peacefully immortal
The chase is someday near its end
Destiny beholds the key to glory
The breezing setting the feather ablaze
or the rains washing away its tears…

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1 Response to Fate Of The Feather

  1. hey..m not a poet,nor a critic,but i wud like to ask u something,y is ur poetry so dark and negative?no offense meant,just an observation

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