G’s Showdown& A Calling

G was in there now sweating like a pig(i mean literally…. the shirt was beginning to get soaked in disgusting and smelly sweat drops…yuck…G bathe for the love of..) The prof has just accepted G’s file and is about to turn the file when his office phone rings…

“Yes. Achaa, how are you Mr. ABC(who cares thinks G keep delaying the guy and i can atleast save some face…) Yes Yes am fine… achaa you’re in the conference room… very good am just coming… “
A good friend of mine says the Prof… met at BITS Pilani… blah blah blah(conference room he is going thinks G..) Son looks it will have to wait, your sessional.. understand an old profs desire to see a friend… (G’s eyes shootup… is it Christmas, Diwali… what is today cause my luck just took the turn for the good how is that….speechless G…)
Well now the prof has left… but G’s work remains as it is … in shambles and hopelessly disorganized… (he tried to buy time to make a switch with the CR’s file… that miserable boot licking ^&@&%$^&#…. but nope the old prof was too smart and too good to let that happen).. G walked towards the canteen area thanking his stars(or every God whose name he had been taught while growing up…. a very pious family, G’s…. hence the thanks ).. After saying his thanks… which were many considering how the day could have turned out(atleast i have no heat on me… no1 to bust me like those cops on NFS Most Wanted… G had raced 47 times in pursuit mode and was caught 45 times.. the other 2 the computer had shut down to save G’s face)

However cupid has something in store for our character G… as he rounds the corner… he accidentally bumps into a girl…. her bag falls … with G looking like a screwball with no idea of where he is going…(he wasnt … those glasses of his..) Then came Cupids arrow as G apologized profusely.. he saw her and KAABAAM(hit by a truck, thunderstruck, wham, kapow, wile e coyote style stars in the eyes…)

She was the most beautiful girl G had seen on campus… Black hair, 5 ft 6inches(prob a little more but shorter than G), fair complexion(not milky white but one which made G go GAGA…GAGA…) green eyes and ofcourse her clothing(lets b nice and not mention…. our girl audience might be reading this….) Well what G didnt expect was(time frozen now moved like a bullet….)
“Hey……its ok… my fault as well… HI…. I am ……….”
G’s response (Next time folks)
stay tuned to the chronicles of G as G has been steamrolled, KO’ed or whammed as the mystery girl he bumps into asks for his name.. what will G do?? Keep silent, give his bio data … act the cool way or be an absolute idiot… or act the ladies man..??
Answers in the next post

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream. and so it is for G

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