50 and more to Go…….

Hey guys….

The Duckworth Lewis article is a very good read for all those who scratch their head and curse when their favourite team LOSE… the reason cited the DL method…
Well please do read it and dont fall asleep(sorry Voldie, dont hit me… owww..) Well we have achieved 50 posts…. yes 50 posts in the space of 2 weeks…. an achievement to be proud of….

and we encourage more to come up and write…. who knows we might hit 500(being optimistic)

OFCOURSE, news is that firefox 3.0 is out please do download it and u may help create a Guiness Book Of World Record(not kidding am serious…)

Here is the link so go ahead and download mozilla firefox 3.0

Newhoo catch u soon and keep your hats on folks……

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4 Responses to 50 and more to Go…….

  1. Chote says:

    yeah 50 posts in in 2 weeks i would not have imagined that when i joined the blog…..way to go team…….

  2. cool…….50 in 2 weeksa,gr8 enthu in the writers here,i HOPE more ppl frm clg join in.this cud be sumthng big

  3. kkscreamers says:

    This is the start and 50 in just 2 weeks as this blog is being populared day by day!!!!!!!Keep going..

  4. keep the enthu writers,great way to go kudos!!!

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