The last we saw of G was in class… Boy was his day going badly.. No assignment with him he had written it where was it…. And on top that the prof had asked G to collect it oooh boy was G in trouble… wats worse 3 more periods to go and unrelenting profs were entering and leaving seemingly like clockwork… the guys in class had parched throats but hey who was listening… most of all some found out about G’s dilemma and well as if they were going to help him…

G decided to skip the periods that day … it was an assignment he could not submit later and avoid the prof’s deadline… the prof might take him for a ride…. Well the old standby was required…. COPYING… yes something G didnt like but hey what the heck he had to do it….. having sneaked a classmates assignment he left to write it in some part of campus PROF FREE…
Well it wasnt easy for G to find a spot.. the bikestand witnessed more crows than normal.. which meant hailstorms of disgust were being sent G’s way wherever he sat.. G wondered who said that bird scat was good luck cause it certainly was not helping him write nor let him concentrate.. the guards posted on campus also were the silent informers.. rascals in the flesh reporting the word to the profs concerned or not concerned… it didnt matter a prof scorned is one all must avoid…

What was so great about this assignment one might wonder?? Well unknown to G, this assignment was absolutely useless.. well the thing he was holding….. cause the question sets had been split 3 ways according to the roll list… well dear G didnt know that nor had he bothered to ask… desperation does lead men to do desperate things and in this case STUPID things… so G was now sitting under a tree way off from the campus building en route to the hostel… well what G didnt account for was the senior threat… though the author wishes not to address what happened to G(poor guy first the assignment then the seniors)… but all said and done G was half way through and it was 11 30 am… what to do now G wondered?? He had never paid heed to the assignment before nor had he bothered askin the prof forget telling the truth….. so here he was under a tree getting baked no water to quench his threat… only a maddening desire to finish the DARNED assignment(they should ban such work… child labour i say… thought G)…. well it was 11 45 am and G decided its over anyway i am might not get caught with my pants down if he reads the worm-like handwriting and if he cross checks the content, he probably wont catch me cause of the other guys and girls in class(so smart wasnt G in his thoughts….)

Well he packed his stuff including a mickey mouse pencil box(jeez dude grow up… your in college) and he made his way to class…. Collection was not a normal thing for G who stammered while asking for assignments, repeatedly dropping the sessional, earning him a box from one and laughter from most(now i would have &@$&#$%#)%#%#@……) but this is G so that wouldn’t happen….

The files collected… sweat dripping from his face… thirsty and tired, exhausted from the SUN-BATHING… G enters room 560 F , the PROFS room as a girl was kind enough to mention…
G knocks on the door”Sir,maaay… maay… i kkkk cooome in?? stammers the poor guy… its a sessional submission not your executioner sitting in the room with an electric chair,G but hey as i say throughout its typical G)
the prof looks up from the newspaper he was reading… “Oh G… come in come in… You havent paid much attention in class…. what is the problem?? Well ill find out as soon as you hand in your assignment to me now i want to see the work you put in… After all its your final submission”

So is G dead?? canned??? completely destroyed… or will someone collect the remaining fragments of poor G or is something else in store for the silent boy we all know as G…….

Next time do check out what happens to G…..

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