Mig-35: Czar Of The Skies

Ever since the esteemed Mikoyan Bureau of Russia started the production of migs, they were one of the most fearsome combat aircrafts of all times. Production started from MIG-15.This aircraft earned itself a name of “sabre-killer” during the Korean war in 60s.

The Mikoyan then came with mig-21, mig-23, mig-25, mig-27, mig29,-31 and mig-35.each one of these aircrafts proved themselves superior to the their Americans counterparts for the role they were built for.

Now the most sophisticated mig in the air is mig-35.lets see it’s main technical features:

1. It’s a 4.5 or 4++ generation combat aircraft with avionics of 5th generation.

2. It has an advanced airborne integrated air defence system, which makes it better for an air superiority combat aircraft.3. It has highly advanced opto-electronic radar, giving it a cutting edge for recon missions.

4. It has a 3 channel fly by wire control system, a technology possessed only by France till now.

The most impressive feature is the radar of this aircraft. It has AESA radar, which was developed with the help of an Italian company.

Ø Now what is AESA radar?

It is active electronically scanned array radar which gives the aircraft an upper hand for detection of its enemy at a distance of 250km or more. It is first Russian jet with this ability.

Ø Now coming to its powerplant.It has twin Rd-33MK engineswhich give it a force of around 9000kgf. Also it has vectored thrust nozzles which give it a good efficiency. This gives it a speed of mach 2.4.

Now for its own defence it has a range of features. The mig-35 has an optronic suite which gives it range of features.

Once airborne this aircraft is a perfect killing machine.

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