A Bad Day Unfolds…

Well i got bored of writing technical(no offence voldie) or think of writing movie revies(sorry severus)… So i decided to write this series on a well not so great personality based on college life… None of the characters are real… So its fiction all the way

One fine day…… its 8 am. G just wakes up…. slept at 1 am stupid room mate never let him doze off(grrrrr!).. he and his dumb jokes with his girl friend(do i HAVE to overhear that… he thinks) Bleary eyed he wakes up, finds his tooth brush missing, bucket gone and slippers taken.. wow brilliant another great day ahead…. 15 mins he is ready (dont ask how he did it he just well… improvise on this with your own minds)… not bathed, bad dressing sense and the typical hairstyle of a school going kid… he makes his way to the mess.. o boy wat today? bet u its poha says the burly batchmate of his to a stranger(for G doesnt have many friends…) well G finds a surprise waiting for him.. the mess isnt open and there is well a HUGE rush to get Poha(mind u its poha but a regular meal)…. his gastric juices boiling, his stomach rumbling, G decides to skip breakfast… walking from hostel to college isnt entertaining.. seeing guys rumbling past in bikes, cycles and well mayb if the guy played too many skateboarding games, a skateboard… pleasantries are exchanged(yeah more like swear words being traded off with G losing majority of the verbal clashes… poor G)

He reaches class well 10 minutes late.. but the prof is a kind one(wat a relief sighs G..) takes a seat at the rear end of the class the whiteboard looming ahead… no problem for G coz he has huge specs to give him the ability to read wats being written(secretly he wishes he could have X-ray vision). the words of the prof are like irritating buzzes coming towards him, not interested is G.. why shud he listen? he knows its no point, the hostel exists for him to study….

Lost in his thoughts G is filled suddenly with fear… he sees the date in his Titan watch oh my god…. assignment submission.. worse… TODAY!!! (oh god someone anyone dont tell me)
Yup!! he guessed right all of his batchmates have it… yes all of them … the last day of the semester… poor G had forgotten… the CR stands up to answer a question… (apple polisher …. &^%*%$*… thinks G… dont ask for the translation please) what will G do… he hopes the prof suffers from short term or long term memory loss(watever… please let him not remember)

The class is over… the prof takes roll call(G answers with a monotonous Yes Sir… everyday same type of response.. poor G .. like a man who has realized he has lost everything… well in G’s case maybe some marks with an avalance effect on his grades)

Then comes the killer blow… the CR “Sir assignments?” someone remind me to kill him in the hostel G thinks…. the prof thinks for a bit(maybe he didnt expect this….) Ok submit ur assignments to ,….. he looks around… finds G…. (G thinks oh no.. no… anyone … not me …. please not today…NO) “to G” says the prof.. I want it by break time G…

What happens to G? Will he tell the prof? Will he confess that his assignment isnt complete? What will the prof do when he learns this? G doesnt know what kind of prof this is(never paid attention had he in class….)

Next time on the Chronicles of G see what happens to G as he braves nausea, fear,dread,a desire to jump off the roof(too extreme but its G people… he cares that much) and ofcourse his rumbling tummy(no digene doesnt work on G) to answer THE PROF……

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2 Responses to A Bad Day Unfolds…

  1. naveen says:

    nice work indeed……..you write good man….try hands on some novel or somethin……..all the best keep posting…… try writing smthing out f clg lyf too

  2. aniruddh says:

    waiting for ur next g adventures!

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