IPL (Good Or Bad????)


The great Indian Tamasha (some like to call it the IPL) that spanned over a period of 45 days, came to an end last week. Some people say it is a revolution, it has changed the face of the Indian entertainment industry, it has changed the way people watch TV in India, SONY TV’s TRPs have shot up big time and blah blah blah………….
Apart from these lines, the info bar at the bottom in every news channel also showed these lines: Sachin pulls out of asia cup, Zaheer unfit for asia cup, sreesanth unfit to play(not b’coz of bhajjis slap though!!!), injured RP singh to miss first one-dayer.

Well, the only answer to that is we have got the replacements also thanks to the IPL.
But was it necessary in the first place, player burn-out has been the most vocalized issue in international cricket for the last couple of years. Right from ricky ponting to MS dhoni, all have voiced their concerns over too much cricket being played these days, so was the tournament of such great length necessary when the players needed a much deserved break right after a grueling aussie tour.

Some would say “look at the money involved”, true; I totally agree that the amount of money involved makes it almost irresistible, but then we should stop expecting our players to have long careers, the way I see it there would be hardly a player who has debuted in recent times and will play for our country for a period of 15-16 years,like sachin or kapil or gavaskar. Players of todays age will have short careers of 5-6 years in which they will earn a lot of money through extravaganzas like the IPL but wont get the honour of representing their country for long.

We are not country like Australia that can produce talented cricketers at a regular interval of time, I believe the present crop of players is the best we’ve had for the last few years, and it is the best we are going to have for quite a few years to come. We must try our best to preserve such players rather than burn them out before their time……..

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4 Responses to IPL (Good Or Bad????)

  1. Chote says:

    Spoken like a true Indian “We are not country like Australia that can produce talented cricketers at a regular interval of time”How disgustingI would like the world to know dat dere is no dearth of talent in India,and IPL will definetely help bring it forth and when we have a decent bench,we can follow severus’ fav team aus’ rotation policy and prevent any burnout issues

  2. dude……..i said thr is gr8 talent right nowu sure abt the future?u knew 2 yrs bak dat we wud have such a team or players tht we hv 2daythe point i m trying to make is, u nvr knw in cricket,its the most uncertain sport,so v need our players fit,not on the injured list

  3. Chote says:

    dats wat even i am saying to secure d future we ll have to strengthen our bench which will also help players rotateAnd wat better dan IPL to do this

  4. well, i beleive dis debate can go on forever between me and voldie.b’coz on one hand the ipl gives gr8 opputunities to young players to get exposure while on the other hand it takes its toll on the existing players and their fitnessmaybe if the players themselves stop cribbing abt it then i wud strt agreeing with voldie…..

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