Xbox 360 Part 2

Owe all an apology for not producing this at an earlier time… having been snowballed with work i took some time off to check out the retail configurations of the Xbox 360… Sorry i might have to add the technical hardware in the next post…

Retail Confiurations..

Xbox 360 Elite is the latest Xbox in response to Sony’s Playstation 3. This still cannot beat the Playstation in terms of the processing power offered by the Sony console but Microsoft’s game packages are too good to make anyone want to atleast look and consider the new console…
The other versions of the Xbox 360 are

  • Xbox 360 Core
  • Xbox 360 Arcade
  • Xbox 360 Premium

I’ll have a table with their technical configurations in the next blog post later…
The Elite version sports a Matte Black finish with a 120 GB HDD and a HDMI 1.2 port

What is HDMI?
High Definition Multimedia Interface…. it’s a compact AV(audio video) connector interface for uncompressed digital streams to be transmitted providing an alternative to RF coaxial cables, VGA, S-Video.
HDMI connects digital audio/video sources such as set top boxes, blu ray readers, PCs and ofcourse the Xbox 360 Elite to audio devices like DTV(digital television) video monitors which are compatible.
The founders of HDMI are Hitachi, Matushita Electric, Philips, Sony, Silicon Image, Thompson and Toshiba.

For the 360 Elite the distinct advantages are:-

  1. high definition of video and audio all in one cable.
  2. 1080p resolution
  3. Audio via the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output.
  4. 2 meter long shielded cable

(images from and google images… )

Some special versions of the Xbox 360 include the Halo 3 version(introduced in 2007), the unique Spartan green and gold with an option for great dashboard theme and downloads. Ofcourse for the Simpsons movie promotion, a specially designed yellow console was given to winners of drawings between July 18th and July 27th of 2007. This was similar to the Xbox 360 premium except for the unique console look as well as wireless controller option

More to come…

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