New guys & ladies….

leave comments about sections u want to write for

make sure u have a nickname which does not give away ur identity or ur name(sorry blog rules plus its a requirement….)

if i find ppl with real names on i wont let posting occur until names are changed
if people want their real names to be known to the moderators,please email us at


(mr white ur comments here as well as anyone else mind u…)

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5 Responses to update

  1. MR. WHITE says:

    Since the “blog” is in it’s initial stage and it is related to “MANIT”, I don’t think anyone would have dared to do that(mad hatter has established example :-)).Am I right MAd Hatter?

  2. mr white morning to youwell i am not goin into ANTI college rebel nonsensei just want guys to research on technical topics and for those not serious to well write about stuff which interest them…(so no against the college stuff here let me make that very clear)So wat do u wanna write about please post ur section interest here

  3. MR. WHITE says:

    Good afternoon Mad hatter ,Let me tell you one thing , we are thinking in the same direction .I would like to post (if you people permit me) on Current Affairs regarding Politics & World affairs .

  4. MR. WHITE says:

    Try to have a section on Share Market.

  5. ok mr white as you say….current affairs stock markets are ur responsibilitynote that ppl have very little time to read and if u want them to get the jist of wat ur writing write a short one (short and sweet as they say)as for current affairs wat exactly… for now i wud like u to gimme a great article on the stock market(a sort of u knw stock market for dummies kinda thing)2 to 3 posts at relevant intervals is enuf ….ne questions u knw where to leave themgood day

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