The review of GTA 4 continues…..


A lot of thought has been put into the type of missions this time around. Some of the more imaginative missions sprinkled throughout the story include a kidnapping, a bank heist, and a job interview. The cinematic cut scenes associated with story missions are superb, not to mention the characters you encounter benefit from great animation, great voice work, and superbly expressive faces. It is possible to have multiple active missions, due to the fact that some missions will run over the course of several days and will require the player to wait for further instructions, etc.The player can also partake in a variety of optional side missions. For the first time in the series GTA offers morality choices which affects how the game ends(the game has 2 different endings).


New abilities in Niko’s arsenal include scaling fences and walls anywhere he can get a foothold, shimmying along ledges, and, most importantly, taking cover behind objects. The gunfight system has been reworked to a better third-person scheme. The player can slide to cover, blind fire, and free aim. When locked on, the target’s health is indicated by eight colored segments on the target circle. Players can now target individual body parts using a revamped targeting system If Niko gets injured, he can recover health by using an escort service, eating, drinking soda, sleeping, using medical kits, or by calling for paramedics using his phone. Health is generally reduced by physical injuries such as falling from heights and going through the windscreen of a vehicle when crashing. Body armour is gradually damaged by gunshots and stab wounds. When Niko’s health level reaches zero, he respawns at the nearest hospital, but loses 10% of his total wealth (up to a maximum of $10,000).

Since u cause so much chaos,(wat did u think no one would be bothered). Its inevitable that the cops will chase u at some point of time.The system of cops hunting u down is the exact copy of NFS-MW, except for the fact that cops in NFS-MW are not so DUMB. You get flagged with a wanted level of between one and six stars. they don’t drive as quickly when pursuing you, they rarely bother to set up roadblocks and u have to blow the entire city before the FIB shows up. Adding to the cops misery is the GPS system given to you. The GPS shows you the exact locations of patrol cars and cops on foot in your area, and highlights the circular area (centered on your last known whereabouts) where they’re concentrating their search. To escape u just have to get out of that radius and remain unseen for some time(just like the cooldown mode in NFS-MW).


Most of the vehicles in GTAIV, like those in previous games, have very loose handling that makes it easy for you to perform, U-turns, skids around corners. A neat touch when driving with the default camera view is that the camera, which is positioned a few feet behind the rear bumper of the car, centers on you rather than on the vehicle, effectively offering the vehicular equivalent of an over-the-shoulder view. When you take the control of something sporty, the camera also positions itself much closer to the ground, which adds to the sensation of speed. The vehicle handling is difficult to fault, regardless of whether you’re in a sports car, a garbage truck, a motorcycle, a speedboat, or a helicopter.

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