Dutch Cannon Shoots Down Italy

Results are out in college people….. Now no fights or arguments as to what they are and who topped …. This blog serves a different purpose than that…. Hope you all know that…

Results as of 9th June 2008

Holland-Italy(3-0) van Nistelrooy, Snejder,van Bronckhorst

Romania played well to frust France with a draw. But the Oranje handed the Italians their worst ever Euro defeat with first half goals from Ruud and Snejder(brilliant goal…). Van Bronckhorst sealed the deal with the third in the 79th minute.

Above:- Ruud van Nistelrooy Right:- Snejder
Both are incidentally from Real Madrid CF

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1 Response to Dutch Cannon Shoots Down Italy

  1. kkscreamers says:

    France VS Romania (0-0)Well france the euro champions of 2000 and runners up in FIFA 2006 draw their first game against romania.France played without theirry henry who had a lower back injury.Anyway france didnt show any efforts in the match and hence it was a very slow, dull and boring match u can say.Both teams got their 1 point each in group C.Holland VS Italy (3-0)Wow what a match it was!!!! beating a team of FIFA world cup 2006 in this manner is something holland cant forget.Holland got their first goal in the 26 min by Van Nistelrooy which was a very contradicted goal(clearlry nistelrooy was offsided even he knew himself)Loca tuni protest against this goal and got a yellow card.Then in 30 min holland show their best and snejdar(who was celebrating his birthday on that night) with a brilliant goal shattered the dreams of Italy.But Italy cant even get a single shot on target by loca tuni.ambrossini.But dutch was on fire that night and wrapped the match completely in the 79th minute.Now italy is last in group c with a 0 point while france and romania 1 each and Dutch are on the top with 3 points…YELLLOW CARDS1.Luca Toni2.Zambrotta3.Gussoto

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