Federer’s Public Assasination

It was a gr8 sunday evening,i had waited for this encounter since d starting of
French Open.There could not have been a more perfect stage for this match.But what was
expected to be a clash of Titans turned out to be a slaughter of lambs(a lion who turned into a lamb).

Federer vs Nadal………….

Nadal won 6-1,6-3,6-0

ya you read that right

The match began and Fedex was broken first game,that set the tone for the day

and after that it was like Christmas had come early for Nadal and Federer being the Santa
Only once in the match he looked like fighting when he had a break point at 3-3
but after Nadal saved the break and went on to win the 2nd set,the writing was pretty much on the wall

35 unforced errors,netting almost everytime he went to the net,his drop shots not working,his forehands well…..
it was clearly not his day.

Even Nadal after the match said
“Even if I am playing my best tennis ever, I am never going to win 6-1 6-3 6-0,” he said. “He didn’t play very well.”

Pls Fed you can do better than this………

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2 Responses to Federer’s Public Assasination

  1. kkscreamers says:

    What happened to federer ….lost in this way is something wrong with him may be not fit or something else….But anyway congrates to nadal.

  2. the king gets his justly deserved royal flogging… nice use of the whip rafa..

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